Best VR Games to be Released This Year

Best VR Games to be Released This Year

Virtual Reality (VR) games have a huge hit in the gaming industry for 2017. The new year has come with many promising and interesting titles to be released. Let’s take a look at the 4 most anticipated VR games for 2018!


Transference is an adventure game for PlayStation4 V.R by Ubisoft. It is expected to be released in the course of 2018, but the exact date is still unknown. From the demo of Transference, we can expect a very interesting game. In this game, you walk in the shoes of a man named Walter who has suffered in the past from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress-disorder).

Aside from that, when you begin the game, you find yourself in a suspiciously-deserted house that gives off a sense of being haunted. One thing is for certain for this game; while it does fill you up with dread about what you may encounter when you enter the supposedly empty rooms of the house, it still makes you want to play so you can learn more about your character’s story.

Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth is a game for Playstation4 V.R by London Studio. It is expected to be released somewhere within 2018. London Heist was by far the best thing that came with the launch title PlayStation V.R Worlds, so everyone is really excited to see how the game’s story unfolds in this game! Specifically in this game, you take the role of an Elite Forces soldier named Ryan Marks, who tries to save his family from a criminal overlord.

This game seems to mix stealth as well as huge gun battles and a list of very interesting characters. This combination could make it one PlayStation VR’s best games right now.

Sprint Vector

Speed, speed, and more speed! That is the main ingredient of Sprint Vector, a PlayStation4 V.R title that will keep you on your feet. The game will have you race against seven other players, and if that is not really interesting for you, each race course will also have a lot of weapons and power-ups that are going to make the game a lot more fun and competitive!

It seems to be a perfect game to play with your friends or family and have a great laugh! The game is designed by Survios and is expected to be released within 2018.

The Persistence

The persistence is PlayStation4 V.R game developed by Firesprite. It expected to be released within 2018, but the exact date remains unknown. It is a first-person survival-horror game, set in a Dead Space environment. In this game, you are one of the remaining crew of a futuristic spaceship, but something during your trip has gone wrong. The game calls you to find out what exactly happened, and to survive. If you can.

Certainly, all of these games have something different to offer you, but if you ask me I am going to play them all and see what each of them has to offer first-hand!

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