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Best Nintendo Games of All Time

Best Nintendo Games of All Time

Nintendo is a Japanese video and electronics company and one of the most excellent game developers in the world.  Nintendo has produced many games since it began in September 1989.  Open for debate this is the best games of all time in the Nintendo world.

1. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey gives the user a taste of the old Super Mario in 2002, and a new look to the scenes.  Mario has unique abilities like changing into foes through the power-ups.  Adventure, exploration, and uncovering of secrets in 3D kingdoms.

2. Stardew Valley.

This is a life simulator which involves planting some crops and watch your land flourish into fertile ground.  Nintendo has captured a high number of audience in the StarDew valley.

3. Wii sports

Wii sports is a game back in 2006, far from perfect Wii sports ushered a new generation of gamers.  The Wiimote’s motion sensor added a late kick to the game anyone can play old or young it was just spectacular.

4. Final Fantasy

Ever wondered what a genre is capable of?  Mechanics featured in the game are improved and expanded like new battleships and a map.This one of the games to try out.

5. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

Mike Tyson was one of the toughest boxers and the WBA Heavy-Weight champion in some years back.  This game features an amateur fighter making his way up in the professional boxing world one fight at a time.  Mike Tyson himself is the games final fight and master.

6. Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2 original arms the player with a variety of options to choose from in different stages of the game.  The player gets a signature weapon, which you can use, every time the Boss enemy is killed.  It is full of new features and more colorful than before.

7. The Legends Of Zelda

The puzzles, mysteries dungeons, and monsters are a world to explore in Legends of Zelda. Exciting weapons are also part of this adventure.This is a very simple and known to be the deep game and the skeleton of all Zelda games.

8. Dragon Quest 3

Dragon Quest is like a hero’s journey to different worlds where there are hundreds of secrets in the two worlds.It has been known to glue players to the screen.  The juggernaut remains to be Dragon Quest with new titles and coming out each year.

9. Excite Bike

It is famous for speeding through the dirt on a bike racing against competitors.  The game includes the player with a temperature gauge that helps to know the temperature of your bike.  The game also allows the user to create their own race track.

10. Final Fantasy 2

The increased character development and graphics are very notable.  This game is more of a mind game that you would want to play.  It is a story of protecting the small kingdom against enemies.

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